Hi. This is us - That’s Pegi on the left and me (Tomo) on the right. Nice to meet you!

Pegi and I met in 2013 when I volunteered to do friendly visiting with the elderly and was paired with her husband Ben, who’d recently suffered a stroke.

The three of us still meet every Friday (although we haven’t seen each other in person since March! Hi guys!!) and try to put the world to rights - with varying degrees of success.

The search for healthy kid’s foods

When we first started meeting I had swapped the fashion industry (beaches, supermodels, glamorous parties) to become a full time parent (diapers, tantrums, birthday parties) and I was frustrated about the limited options available when looking for healthy kids’ food products, especially given that my kids were both extremely picky eaters.

I searched high and low for products that my kids would find fun, interesting, eye-catching - something that would actually make them look forward to mealtimes. Something FUN - but there was just nothing out there. I was amazed. I would discuss this with Ben and Pegi until one evening Pegi emailed me to say she’d had an idea: Why not present food to kids by color rather than flavor. And then encourage them to interact with it. To actually DRAW with it. It was an idea that became Food Paint.

Food + fun = meal time success

And parallel to the fun element, research shows that kids are far more likely to eat their food if they help to prepare it, either in the kitchen or at the table. They take pride in their work and actually think about what it is and what went into it - the ingredients and the effort.

If you can also offer them a product that’s fun, which they look forward to using and which gets them to focus on the food in front of them, then at least SOME of those maddening conversations (parents, we all know what I’m talking about, right?) will become a thing of the past.

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