The Noshi Story

Hi. This is us - That’s Pegi on the left and me (Tomo) on the right. Nice to meet you!
Pegi and Tomo

Pegi and I met in 2013 when I was a stay at home dad. I volunteered to do friendly visiting with the elderly and was paired with Pegi's husband Ben, who’d recently suffered a stroke. The three of us used to meet every Friday morning, chat about our lives and put the world to rights.

At the time, my life was dominated by two things - my kids being picky eaters and my need for a new career after twenty five years working in the fashion industry. One evening Pegi emailed me to say she'd had an idea which might solve both these problems: Why not present food to kids by color instead of flavor, and make it fun! That idea became Food Paint and the rest, as they say, is history. And she was right: Kids LOVE this stuff.

I haven't seen Ben and Pegi since before the pandemic because they moved out of the city (hi guys - I miss you!) and my wife Freya got very sick with Long Covid and then needed emergency open heart surgery. She's better now but it's been tough.

Noshi products are available to buy in over 2,000 Walmart locations with more products in the pipeline (hellooo Crayonnaise ™, Mustart ™, Noshibles ™ & Noshicles ™!) and more stores coming soon. And trust me when I say this: your kids will thank you for buying Noshi. Food Paint & Sketchup are the world's first condiments designed specifically for use by children and that's the Noshi philosophy: give them more responsibility, then step out of the way and leave them to it.


Thank you to all of our amazing family and friends investors for believing in Noshi THAT much. You are the greatest.

To our incredible co-packing facility, Plants To Food in Lincoln, RI

To Chase Business Banking for supporting us since the beginning

To our lovely suppliers, all of whom we've worked with from day one

To Nancy, Tony and Donny for keeping the train on the tracks in three very different ways

To the USA for making my American dream a reality

And to my family: Freya, Dot and Dave. Dot and Dave who wouldn't eat their food and inspired the whole darn thing in the first place. Kids, we'd be nothing without you!