Holla parents: Ready to make mealtimes fun?

Dec 14 , 2020

Holla parents: Ready to make mealtimes fun?

Want to play a fun game? Check all boxes that apply:

  1. You have kids
  2. You want them to eat healthily
  3. They have zero interest in food and / or mealtimes and
  4. Seriously - you mean ZERO.

Check, check, check and check? Welcome to my gang.

Mealtime frustrations

Six years ago, when my kids were 8 and 4 years old, I hit the wall. Every single mealtime involved one or other of them rejecting whatever food I'd cooked for them. Even if the same food had been previously enjoyed by whichever of them was now rejecting it (while being previously rejected by the other)

I'd spend hours online and in grocery stores, looking for something, ANYTHING that might hold their attention, inspire them, convince them to focus on what mealtimes meant, to interact with their food, to eat it.

Making mealtimes fun

And then a family friend made a suggestion. She said "You're looking to inspire them? So make mealtimes fun. Give them the responsibility to turn meals into something that works for them." And then she said the magic words: "Edible Paint".

Noshi Food Paint on Oatmeal

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